Posted by: kennybeal | December 7, 2009

Join the Southern California Community Garden Association

You are invited to join the Southern California Community Garden Association. To be a member, all you need is a desire to be part of the community garden movement.

Please email us at and let us and lets know you would like to be a member, and if you like, how you would like to be part of the community garden movement. Membership is free. Your email address will be kept private.

Our Members include:
1. People who are Operating or Participating in Community Gardens who would like to share their experiences with others.
2. People who would like to Operate or Participate in Community Gardens and need help getting started.
3. People who help Operate the Southern California Community Garden Association.
4. People/Companies who help Fund Community Gardens, including grant writers.
5. Community Garden Services Companies/Consultants who present their services at our meetings.
6. Community Garden Material Companies who present their products at our meetings.
7. Community Garden Educators

“Southern California” includes all communities between the Mexican Border, San Diego, to Bakersfield North, from the Ocean to the Eastern Border.

Kind Regards,

Kenny Beal

Posted by: kennybeal | December 6, 2009


We are creating an association to bring Community Gardeners together in Southern California.

Here is the vision of what the SoCalCGA will provide (so-far!):

1. A place to Share Thoughts and Ideas with other Community Gardeners.

2. Network with other Community Gardeners at Monthly Meetings.

3. Community Gardener Education

4.  Community Gardeners Funding assistance

5.  A Community Garden Incubator where you can have hands-on experience starting a Community Garden.

6.  Consulting Services for your Community Garden.

Your ideas and thoughts would be appreciated.

Please send email to

Thank you,

Kenny Beal